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Africa SS7G2&3 part1

Environmental Problems of Africa and Climate Regions

This provides for the basic needs of the farmer’s family, with little or nothing left over to sell subsistence farming
The process of bringing water to dry land to use for farming or other purposes. irrigation
Climate zone in which most people live along the Mediterranean coast and work in tourism? Sahara Desert
Climate zone in which most people live around Lake Tanganyika and people could work in cities, oil industry or as farmers and herders Rainforest
Climate zone where most people live along the Atlantic coast and the Nile River? They depend on subsistence farming and uranium mining as just two ways of living Sahel
Climate zone where most people live along the coast and along the Nile River? They depend on subsistence farming, herding, and agriculture. Savanna
In the last 40 years due to drought and irrigation, which lake has shrunk 95%? Lake Chad
loss of forest from cutting down too many trees deforestation
How many children die each year because of contaminated water? an estimated one million
What happens to the supply of clean water as the population grows in some countries? the supply decreases
What is a general term for organizations that volunteer to help others? humanitarian organizations
How can it affect the economy if about 1/2 of the patients in the hospitals are there because of problems due to unclean drinking water? it reduces the work force
cause- polluted water is killing the fish or making them unfit to eat. What is the effect? effect- this is harming the fishing industry
What are 3 things that contribute to a water imbalance? climate change,deforestation, and population growth
effect- countries grow slower than their neighbors and there is less trade. What is the cause? when countries are landlocked, the people have to pay more and wait longer for what they need
cause- Large cities consume too much water. What is the effect? farming suffers; less food to trade and to eat.
cause- large cities consume the water available. What is the effect? effect- not enough water for irrigation and the farming suffers; less food to trade and eat
cause- drought from the late 1960s to the early 1980s effect- the Sahara Desert invaded the Sahel region and caused widespread desertification
Name at least 3 of the 4 causes of desertification poor farming practices, land clearing, overgrazing of livestock, draining of surface & underground water used for industry and home, and drought
Created by: Sandlin