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Obartuck Vocab 9

Obartuck Vocabulary 9

Bilk (v.) to cheat, scam or defraud
Wispy (adj.) delicate; faint
Reciprocate (v.) to give or feel in return
Quaint (adj.) having an old-fashioned attractiveness
Gregarious (adj.) sociable; outgoing
Whimsical (adj.) erratic or unpredictable
Inebriated (adj.) drunk; intoxicated
Masochist (n.) someone who gets pleasure from being hurt or abused
Potable (adj.) a liquid that is suitable for drinking (especially an alcoholic drink)
Transgress (v.) to commit a crime or do wrong by disobeying a law, command, or moral code
Created by: Obartuck on 2012-10-14

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