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1st hGeorge Washington, VA
2nd John Adams, MA
3rd Thomas Jefferson, VA
4th James Madison,VA
5th James Monroe, VA
6th John Quincy Adams, VA
7th Andrew jackson, ma
8th Martin van buren, s carolina
9th William henry harrison, ny
10th John Tyler, va
11th James k. Polk, NC
12th Zachary Taylor, VA
13th Millard Filmore, NY
14th Franklin Pierce, New Hamphshire
15th James Buchanan, Penn.
16th Abraham Lincoln, kentucky
17th Andrew Johnson, NC
18th Ulysses Grant, Ohio
19th Rutherfurd b. Hayes, Ohio
20 James Garfeild, Ohio
21 Chester A. Arthur, Vermont
22 Grover Cleveland, New Jersey
23 Benjamin Harrison, Ohio
24 Grover Cleveland, New Jersey
25 William Mckinley, Ohio
26 Theodore Rosevelt,New York
27 William howard Taft, Ohio
28 Woodrow Wilson, Virginia
29 Warren G. Harding, Ohio
30 Calvin Coolidge, Vermont
31 Herbert Hoover, Iowa
32 Franklin D. Roosevelt, New York
33 Harry S. Truman, Missouri
34 Dwight D. Eisenhower, Texas
35 John F. Kennedy, Massachusetts
36 Lyndon B. Johnson, texas
37 Richard Nixon, California
38 Gerald Rifford, Nebraska
39 James Carter, Georgia
40 Ronald Regan, Illinoi
41 George hw. Bush, Massachusetts
42 William Clinton, Arkansaw
43 George W. Bush, Conecticut
44 Barak Obama, Hawiia
Created by: Hannah15511