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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Neuro Terms Neruological Terminology Medical 2004-07-25 sueswes@aol.com 39 4 edit
SCI Terms Spinal Cord Injury Terminology Medical 2004-07-22 sueswes@aol.com 15 1 edit
Dermatomes/Myotomes Skin surfaces and Muscles weakness Anatomy 2017-01-31 sueswes@aol.com 22 4 edit
Lower Limb Nerves Segmental Innervation of the Lower Limb Anatomy 2004-09-02 sueswes@aol.com 51 1 edit
Upper Limb Nerves Segemental Innervation of the Upper Limbs Anatomy 2004-09-02 sueswes@aol.com 46 4 edit
Normal ROM Normal Range of Motion of Limbs Anatomy 2004-09-02 sueswes@aol.com 37 1 edit
Vital Signs Nomal values for adult,child and infant Anatomy 2004-09-02 sueswes@aol.com 14 0 edit
METS Metabolic Energy Equivalents Medical 2004-09-02 sueswes@aol.com 34 0 edit
Special OrthoTests Lower & Upper Extremily Tests Medical 2009-01-25 sueswes@aol.com 78 2 edit
Arterial Blood Gases Comparison of Alkalosis and Acidosis Medical 2004-09-02 sueswes@aol.com 26 1 edit
Cardiopulmonary Term Glossary of Terms used in Cardiopulmonary Pulmonary PT Medical 2008-05-17 sueswes@aol.com 108 0 edit
SCI Functional Table Functions Possible at Various Levels of SCI Medical 2004-09-04 sueswes@aol.com 12 1 edit

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