Listed below are projects that John Weidner has worked on.   John's resume is available at
ProjectLanguages/ToolsS/W cycleTeam or Self
SAM - Sales Automation Manager. Web application for AAA clubs Java, JSP, JavaScript, tag libraries Analysis, Design, Construction Self - added enhancements to public web site for purchasing travel insurance when buying an airline ticket. Java, WebObjects Design, Construction team
Sentinel 4.0 - Worked as a consultant with engineering and product marketting dept to add features and eliminate bugs in a commercial enterprise security event management application. Java, JFC, Swing, JavaScript, HTML, ClearCase Analysis, Design, Construction, Maintenance Team
StudyStack - As a hobby, I've developed an educational web site that helps students to memorize tables of information.   Users can create flashcard-like studystacks and share them with others (, JSP, applets, HTML, JavaScript, SQLDesign, Construction, Maintenance, Testing, MarketingSelf
StudyME - displays flashcards from the StudyStack website on a cellphone.Java, J2MEDesign, Construction, Testing, MarketingSelf
Liberty TSCDS - Enhanced a directory assistance (411) application allowing it to work with newer hardware. The existing switch hardware was becoming difficult and expensive to maintain. Rewrote a layer of C++ code to integrate with a newer phone switch.C++Construction, MaintenanceTeam
SSA Voting System - Developed online system that allowed people to nominate and vote for local musicians in the Songwriters Showcases of America annual awards.  Rapidly developed solution in a time sensitive situation.Java, JSP, HTML, SQLAnalysis, Design, Construction, TestingSelf
Enhansiv Web Admin - A highly configurable application that allows administrators to manage the installation of the enhansiv CRM product.Java, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Struts, UML Analysis, Design, Construction, ReviewsTeam
Disposition Manager - A Windows system tray application that can be integrated with many other CRM applications which prompts call center agents for a disposition (i.e. sale, busy, hangup, callback) for all phone calls.   Chosen dispositions are stored in database to allow reporting across the entire enterprise regardless of the various CRM applications used.Java, SOAP, VB, Multithreaded, UMLAnalysis, Design, Construction, ReviewsTeam
Enhansiv WebAdmin functional prototype - same as Enhansiv Web Admin but minus scalability.  Used successfully to generate interest in concept with parent company.JSP, model 1 architectureConstructionSelf
CompuPhone - An adapter layer of code that allowed the VB UI of one product to interface with a Java based channel manager application.VB, Java, JavaBeans/ActiveX bridgeAnalysis, Design, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
Reserved Agents - Allowed administrators to configure the number of call center agents that should be available for a certain channel (voice, web chat, email, fax) Java, UMLAnalysis, Design, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
Siebel Demo - In a time sensitive situation, worked with outside Siebel consultants to demonstrate that Siebel Desktop could be integrated with a particular channel management product.   Strategic customer was quite impressed with presentation.VBAnalysis, ConstructionTeam
CM Thin client Prototype - prototype of a system demonstrating the way that a VB application could be easily integrated with enhansiv's channel manager.   Used successfully to win a major contract.VBAnalysis, Design, Construction,Self
Disposition Manager Prototype - prototype of  system, used successfully to sell CEO of parent company on the concept.VB, Win32ConstructionSelf
Channel Manager GUI - maintained existing UI and worked with marketing department to define requirements for enhancements.   Java, Swing, UMLAnalysis, Design, Construction, Reviews, MaintenanceTeam
CM Wizards GUI - added a framework for presenting portions of UI as "wizards" which stepped users through the process of configuring system.Java, SwingAnalysis, Design, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
GEO OS/2 adaptation - modified Win32 client application to run under OS/2C++, MFC, Win32sAnalysis, Design, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
GEO enhancements - Modified extendable client application to support many additional UI elements such as Tabs, Checkboxes, Font styles, ActiveX, Group boxesC++, MFC, ActiveX, Win32Analysis, Design, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
Windows Verb - allowed CRM application to display multiple windows using a MDI (multiple document interface) architecture.C++, MFC, MDI, Win32Analysis, Design, Construction, Maintenance 
3270 Verb - extended call center application to allow it to integrate with legacy 3270 based applications.  Earned $10,000 bonus for completing project rapidly.C, HLLAPI, MultithreadedAnalysis, Design, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
Calculate Verb - extended call center application to allow its scripting language to calculate complex equations with array based variables.C, Analysis, Design, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
Unix Backup Agent - Backup software that runs under Unix that allows a Unix system to be backed up and restored from another system.C, TCP/IPDesign, Construction, MaintenanceTeam
RSP - worked with a small business to extend a custom work flow application.  Company primarily collected documents for workers compensation cases.CAnalysis, Construction, MaintenanceSelf
Desert Diamond - extended custom payroll system that paid migrant workers based on the duration of time worked and the quantity of work completed (i.e.  # of bushels picked, # of rows weeded, etc)CAnalysis, DesignSelf
PenEzra - developed a shareware application for users of "Windows for Pen Computing".  Product made modifying text documents easier to edit using a pen as the only input device.   Eight years after I wrote this application I still had someone track me down after I moved three times to thank me for writing this application.  Download C, Win32 Analysis, Design, Construction, Maintenance, Marketing Self
FixRec - another shareware application for Windows for Pen Computing.  Download C, Win32 Analysis, Design, Construction, Maintenance, Marketing Self
AIMDOS v3.0, AIMLink v3.01 - Modifications of the MaynStream UI to give it a newer look and feel. C Design, Construction Self
MaynStream - Fixed bugs found by QA department on an existing product.  C Maintenance Team
DOS Backup Agent - Backup software that runs on a DOS workstation that allows the DOS system to be backed up and restored from another system. C Design, Construction Team
MaynStream Image Backup - Allowed an entire hard drive to be backed up and restored as a single image.  C Design, Construction Self
MaynStream TDemo Install - Modified install to use compression so that the install could still fit on a single 360K disk. C Analysis, Construction Self
Lattices Game Contest - won first place in a game programming contest where contestants were given six weeks to develop a system that competed against other systems in a logic game. PascalDesign, ConstructionSelf
Background Print Server - A Terminate and Stay Resident program that would run in the background allowing an additional machine to be used by students. C, Novell Netware Design, Construction, Testing Self
Print Server - Modifications to increase printing performance and to use NetWare queues.   Added administrative interface to allow print jobs to be aborted. C, Novell Netware Design, Construction, Testing, Maintenance Team

S/W cycle legend

  Analysis: Working with customer (or marketing department) to understand and define the requirements.   Writing Marketing Requirements Documents, System Requirement Documents,   Use Case Documents.
  Design: Determining what tools to use and breaking down the solution into smaller modules.    UML Class and Sequence diagrams
  Construction: Writing code, stubs.
  Testing: Integration testing to verify system satisfies requirements.    writing unit test code.  
  Maintenance: Bug Fixing