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Computer Apps12 Word Scramble


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Computer Apps12


Title slide Introduces your presentaion to your audience
Trasition Refers to the way each slide appears on the screen
Animation An effect you can apply to text, objects, graphics, or pictures to make those objects move during a slide show
Name three color printing options Color, grayscale, pur black and white
How many sles per page can be printed using the "Handouts" option? 2-9 slides per page
What is the PowerPoint file extension? .pptx
Placeholders Placeholders are boxes with dotted borders that contain content and reside within a slide layout. All built-in slide layouts contain content placehoolders.
Slide Master View A feature that gives your presentation a consistent, professional look. A slide master is helpful if you want every slide in your show to be the same color, to have the same header or footer, or to carry a particular logo.
How do you insert a table into a PP slide using the Content slide layout? Click the Insert Table icon.
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