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GRE Woerterkunde Word Scramble


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GRE Woerterkunde


Imperious Commanding
Improvidence shortsightedness; a failure to provide for future needs or events: "I weep bitter tears for my unpardonable xxx"; "the childlike xxx of this age and people."
Inchoate In an initial or early stage; incomplete; disorganized
Ingenuous unsophisticated; artless; straightforward; candid
Insipid lacking zest or excitement; dull
Intransigent Stubborn; immovable; unwilling to change
laconic using few words; terse
noisome Offensive to the point of arousing disgust, harmful: "a xxx odor.""xxx fumes."
aberrant deviating from the norm; not following the normal or correct way; deviating from the usual or natural type; atypical; abnormal or deviant
abscond to depart clandestinely; to steal away and hide; go away suddenly and secretly esp. in order to avoid arrest; to depart secretly and hide oneself; to go away suddenly ( to avoid arrest)
adulterate to reduce purity by combining with inferior ingredients; make poorer in quality by adding another substance; to corrupt, debase, or mak impure by the addition of a foreign or inferior substance or element stickler
amenable agreeable; responsive to suggestion; readily managed; willing to be led; (of people) willing to be influenced or controlled (by something)
approbation an expression of approval or praise; approval; consent; commendation, praise
arduous strenuous, taxing, requiring significant effort; needing much effort or energy; laborious; hard to accomplish or achieve; difficult; steep, difficult ascent; laborious
chicanery deception by trickery
bombastic pompous, gradiloquent; pompous and empty
bucolic rustic and pastoral; characteristic of rural areas and their inhabitants; of country life or the countryside; rustic
cacophony harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance; loud unpleasant mixture of discordant sounds
canon an established set of principles or code of laws, often religious in nature; a regulation or dogma decreed by a church council
canonical following or in agreement with orthodox requirements; appearing in a biblical canon; of or relating to or required by canon law
castigation severe criticism or punishment
censure to criticize severely; to officially rebuke; to find fault with and criticize as blameworthy
chary wary; cautious; careful; wary shy; timid
cogent appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing; convincing; strong
contentious argumentative, quarrelsome, causing controversy, or disagreement; strife; quarrelsome
contrite Feeling regret and sorrow for one's sins or offenses: (>zerknirscht<):"a xxx heart"
culpable deserving blame
demur to question or oppose
discordant conflicting, dissonant; nor in agreement: "views discordant with present-day ideas";"seemingly discordant facts"
disparage to slight or belittle; suggest; to depreciate by an indirect means; speak slightingly about
disparate fundamentally distinct or dissimilar: "such xxx attractions as grand opera and game fishing"; "xxx ideas"
dissemble to disguise or conceal to mislead; hide or disguise ("I xxx my hatred of the Fox")
divulge to disclose something secret; to make known (as a confidence or secret)
dogmatic Characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles.("xxx writings" "I protest strongly against the entirely dogmatic assertion")
ebullience the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings; high spirits; exhilaration; exuberance
effrontery extreme boldness; presumptuousness; rudeness without shame; impertinence; impudence; arrogance
enervate to weaken; to reduce in vitality; cause to lose strength or energy
enigmatic mysterious; obscure; difficult to understand; of relating to, or resembling an enigma; mysterious
ennui dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy; a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom
equivocate speak in an ambiguous way to hide the truth or mislead people
evanescent tending to disappear like vapor; vanishing; quickly fading; soon disappearing from memory; tending to vanish like vapor
exculpate exonerate; to clear of blame; to clear from alleged fault or gulit; free somebody from blame
exigent urgent, pressing, requiring immediate action or attention
extemporaneous improvised; done without preparation; spoken or done without preparation; extempore
facetious playful; humorous; intended to be amusing, often inappropriately; joking or jesting often inappropriately; waggish
fallacy an invalid or incorrect notion; a mistaken belief
filibuster intentional obstruction, especially using prolonged speech making to delay legislative action
flout to demonstrate contempt for, as in a rule or convention; to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock
fortuitous happening by fortunate accident or chance; happening by chance or coincidence
fulminate to loudly attach or denounce; protest strongly and loudly; to send forth censures or invectives
glib marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial; ready and smooth but not sincere; marked by ease and fluency in speaking or writing often to the point of being insincere or deceitful
grandiloquence pompous speech or expression
halcyon peaceful; Prosperous;"a xxx atmosphere""the xxx days of the clipper trade"
harangue to deliver a pompous speech or tirade; to address in a ranting way
heretical violating accepted dogma or convention; unorthodox
iconoclast one who attacks or undermines traditional conventions or institutions
idolatrous given to intense or excessive devotion to something; worshiping idols
imperturbable marked by extreme calm, impassivity and steadiness; not easily troubled or worried; calm; marked by extreme calm, impassivity, and steadiness; serene
impetuous hastily or rashly energetic; impulsive and vehement; acting or done quickly and with little thought or care; rash or impulsive
impunity immunity from punishment or penalty; with impunity with freedom from punishment or injury
incipient beginning to come into being or to become apparent; in its early stages; beginning to happen
infelicitous unfortunate; inappropriate; not appropriate in application or expression
inimical damaging; harmful; malevolent
intractable not easily managed or directed; stubborn; obstinate; uruly; refractory; stubborn
inured accustomed to accepting something undesirable; adapted
inveigle To win over by coaxing, flattery, or artful talk: "xxx a free pass to museum.","We will xxx ladies fair, and wed them in our secret cavern."
irascible easily angered; prone to temperamental outbursts; marked by hot temper and easily provoked by anger
maverick an independent individual who does not go along with a group o party; unbranded calf; unorthodox person; rebel; nonconformist
mendacity the condition of being untruthful; disnhonesty
mollify to calm or soothe; to reduce in emotional intensity; lessen the anger of somebody; make calmer; soothe
neophyte a recenet convert; a beginner; novice
obdurate unyielding; hardhearted; intractable; impossible to change; stubborn; resistant to persuasion or softening influences
obfuscate to deliberately obscure; to make confusing; to make obscure or unclear; deliberately make something confused or difficult to understand
obtuse lacking sharpness of intellect; not clear or precise in thought or expression; slow to understand; stupid
obviate to anticipate and make unnecessary; remove something; get rid of; to anticipate and prevent (as a situation) or make unnecessary (as an action)
occlude to obstruct or block; to close up or block off; obstruct
onerous troubling; burdensome; needing effort; burdensome
opprobrium disgrace, contempt; scorn
ostentatious characterized by or given to pretentiousness; characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to impress others
penurious penny pinching; excessively thrifty; ungenerous; very poor; stingy
penury poverty; destitution; extreme poverty
perfidy intentional breach of faith; treachy; the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal; treachery; breaking of faith
pernicious 1. deadly;2. extremely harmful,(a xxx virusxxx rumor)
perspicacious acutely perceptive; having keen discernment; having or showing great insight or judgement; discerning; keen
peruse to examine with great care; to examine or consider with attention and in detail; study; read something, especially carefully and thorougly
pith the eessential or central part; soft spongy substance that fills the stems of certain plants, essentail part, force, soft liquid substance
pithy precise and brief; concise and full of meaning; terse, having substance and point; tersely cogent
polemical controversial; argumentative; argued
prattle to babble meaninglessly; to talk in an empty and idle manner
preen to dress up; primp
prescience foreknowledge of events; knowing of events prior to their occuring
presumptuous too bold or self confident; overstepping due bounds (as of propriety or courtesy taking liverties)
prevaricate to deliberately avoid the truth; to mislead
probity adherence to highest principles uprightness; quality of being honest and trustworthy; integrity
prodigal recklessly wasteful; extravagant profuse; lavish
prodigious abundant in size, force, or extent; extraordinary
profilgate excessively wasteful; recklessly extravagant; prodigal
prosaic dull; unimaginative; uninspired
putrefy to rot; decay; give off foul odor
quaff to drink deeply
qualm misgiving; reservation; causign of hestiancy; temporary feeling of sickness
querulous prone to complaining or grumbling; quarrelsome
quiescence the state or quality of being in repose or at rest“the volcano erupted after centuries of xxx”“leaned her head against the wall in fatigued xxx”
quixotic foolishly impractical; marked by lofty romantic ideals; noble, unselfish or gallant in an extravagant or impractical way; generous
rancorous characterized by bitter, long lasting resentment; bitterness; spitefulness
recalcitrant obstinately defiant of authority; difficult to manage; resisting authoring or discipline; disobedient
recast to cast again or anew; to form, fashion, or arrange again, cast or fashion anew; put something into a new form
receptive able or quick to receive new ideas, suggestions, etc.
recidivism a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially: relapse into criminal behavior; relapse into antisocial or criminal behavior
waver to hesitate or to tremble
wretched extremely pitiful or unfortunate
aberrant deviating from normal or correct.
abscond to leave secretly and hide, often to avoid the law.
advocate to speak, plead, or argue for a cause, or in another’s behalf.
aggrandize to make greater, to increase, thus, to exaggerate.
amalgamate to unite or mix.
ambiguous vague; subject to more than one interpretation
ambrosial extremely pleasing to the senses, divine (as related to the gods) or delicious
anachronism a person or artifact appearing after its own time or out of chronological order
attenuate weaken
aver declare
barefaced unconcealed, shameless, or brazen
blandishment speech or action intended to coax someone into doing something
bombast pompous speech
breach a lapse, gap or break, as in a fortress wall. To break or break through.
burgeon to grow or flourish; a bud or new growth
buttress to support. a support
cadge to get something by taking advantage of someone ("schnorren"): "xxx money for liquor"
complaisant willingly compliant or accepting of the status quo
conflagration a great fire
corporeal of or having to do with material, as opposed to spiritual; tangible.
corporal of the body: a non-commissioned officer ranked between a sergeant and a private.
craven cowardly; a coward
culpable deserving of blame
deference submission or courteous yielding:
deprecation belittlement:"He xxx her contribution"
depredation plundering; destructive action:"the normal xxxs of time"
descry to discover by looking carefully:"I xxx a message of hope in her words"
desiccate to dry out thoroughly
diffident lacking self-confidence, modest
disabuse to free a person from falsehood or error:
disparaging belittling
dispassionate calm; objective; unbiasedb
dissemble to conceal one's real motive, to feign
dogged stubborn or determined:
dogmatic relying upon doctrine or dogma, as opposed to evidence
efficacy effectiveness; capability to produce a desired effect
effluent the quality of flowing out. something that flows out, such as a stream from a river
emollient softening; something that softens
emulate to strive to equal or excel
encomium a formal eulogy or speech of praise
endemic prevalent in or native to a certain region, locality, or people:
enervate to weaken or destroy the strength or vitality of:
ephemeral lasting for only a brief time, fleeting
equivocal ambiguous; unclear; subject to more than one interpretation -- often intentionally so:
eulogy a spoken or written tribute to the deceased
exacerbate to increase the bitterness or violence of; to aggravate:
exculpate to demonstrate or prove to be blameless:
explicit fully and clearly expressed
extant in existence, still existing: The only extant representative of that species."
fawn to seek favor or attention; to act subserviantly
fervid fervent highly emotional; hot:
floundering struggling:
gossamer fine cobweb on foliage; fine gauzy fabric; very fine:
guile skillful deceit: (v. bequile; adj: beguiling. Note, however, that these two words have an additional meaning: to charm (v.) or charming (adj:), while the word guile does not generally have any such positive connotations)
guileless honest; straightforward
hapless unfortunate
headlong headfirst; impulsive; hasty. impulsively; hastily; without forethought:
iconoclast one who attacks traditional ideas or institutions or one who destroys sacred images
impecunious penniless; poor
imperious commanding
improvidence an absence of foresight; a failure to provide for future needs or events:
inchoate in an initial or early stage; incomplete; disorganized:
indelible permanent; unerasable; strong:
ineffable undescribable; inexpressible in words; unspeakable
ingenious clever:
ingenuous unsophisticated; artless; straightforward; candid:
inhibit to hold back, prohibit, forbid, or restrain
insensible numb; unconscious: unfeeling; insensitive:
insipid lacking zest or excitement; dull
insular of or pertaining to an island, thus, excessively exclusive:
intransigent stubborn; immovable; unwilling to change:
irascible prone to outbursts of temper, easily angered
laconic using few words; terse:
leviathan giant whale, therefore, something very large
misogynist one who hates women
nefarious wicked, evil:
noisome harmful, offensive, destructive:
obdurate hardened against influence or feeling; intractable.
obviate to prevent by anticipatory measures; to make unnecessary:
occlude to close or shut off; to obstruct
ossified turned to bone; hardened like bone; Inflexible:
panegyric =a writing or speech in praise of a person or thing
peccadillo a small sin or fault
pedantic showing a narrow concern for rules or formal book learning; making an excessive display of one's own learning:
perfidious deliberately treacherous; dishonest
petulant easily or frequently annoyed, especially over trivial matters; childishly irritable
ponderous slow and laborious because of weight: "xxx prehistoric beasts"; "a xxx speech"
precipice cliff with a vertical or nearly vertical face; a dangerous place from which one is likely to fall; metaphorically, a very risky circumstance
precipitate to fall; to fall downward suddenly and dramatically; to bring about or hasten the occurrence of something: "
prevaricate to stray away from or evade the truth:
prodigal rashly wasteful:
propitiate to conciliate; to appease:
Pulchritudinous beautiful
pusillanimous cowardly, timid, or irreselute; petty:
quiescence inactivity; stillness; dormancy
rarefy to make or become thin; to purify or refine
reproof the act of censuring, scolding, or rebuking.
rescind to repeal or annul
sagacious having a sharp or powerful intellect or discernment.
sanguine cheerful; confident:"sanguine temper"
sate to satisfy fully or to excess
saturnine having a gloomy or morose temperament
sedulous diligent; persevering; persistent: "they still treated me with the same xxx attention as before"
specious seemingly true but really false; deceptively convincing or attractive:
temperate= exercising moderation and self-denial; calm or mild
tirade (diatribe) an angry speech:
tortuous twisted; excessively complicated: Note: Don't confuse this with torturous.
tractable ability to be easily managed or controlled:
turpitude depravity; baseness:
tyro beginner; person lacking experience in a specific endeavor
vacuous empty; without contents; without ideas or intelligence:
venerate great respect or reverence:
verbose wordy
viscous slow moving; highly resistant to flow
voracious craving or devouring large quantities of food, drink, or other things.
waver to hesitate or to tremble
wretched extremely pitiful or unfortunate
recondite obscure; little known: "xxx matters"
redoubtable awe-inspiring; worthy of honor; “born of a xxx family”"The xx Ms. Robinson"
refulgent radiant; shiny; brilliant; gloriously bright; shining
renege to fail or honor a commitment; to go back on a promise; fail to keep a promise; one's word, etc.
repudiate to refuse to have anything to do with; disown; to refuse to accept, especially; to reject as unauthorized or as having no binding force; disown
rescind to invalidate; to repeal; to retract; cancel or repeal (a law, contract etc.) annul
retinue group of attendants accompanying an important person; a group of retainers or attenddants
retrench make economies or reduce expenses; to cut out; excise
reverent marked by, feeling or expressing profound awe and respect; feeling or showing reverence
salubrious promoting health or well-being; (esp of the climate) health-giving; favorable to or promoting health or well-being
vacillate to waver indecisively between one course of action or opinion and another; keep changing one's mind; move backwards and forwards between two emotions
veracity truthfulness; honesty; truth
vilify to defame; to characterize harshly; salnder, say evil things
virulent extremely harmful or poisonous; bitterly hostile or antagonistic; extremely harmful or deadly
viscous thick, stick
vituperate to use harsh, condemnatory language; curse, abuse in words
voracious having an insatiable appetite for an actiivty or pursuit; ravenous
sedulous diligent, persistent; hardworking
solicitious concerned and attentive; eager; full of concerns or fears; apprehensive
specious seeming true, but actually being fallacious, misleading attractive
spurious lacking authenticity or validity; false; not genuine, authentic, or true
stupefy to stun, baffle, or amazie
stymie to block; thwart; to hinder, obstruct, or block
supplant to take the place of; supersede
surfeit excess; overindulgence; satiate
tenacity firmness; persistency; adhesiveness
terse brief and concise in wording; using few words; curt
tirade a long and extremely critical speech; a harsh denunciation; long angry speech of criticism or accusation
torpid lethargic; sluggish; dormant; sleeping
tortuous winding; twisting; excessively complicated
trout to publicly priase or promote; tr to get people to buy (one's good or services) esp in a annoyling insistent way
trenchant sharply preceptive keen penetrating; strongly and effectively expressed
truculent fierce and cruel; eager to fight
unfeigned genuine
untenable indefnesible; that cannot be defedned; not viable
urbane sophisticated; refiend; elegant
foment agitate, stir up ("you xxx class hatred")
expletive swearword expressing emotion rather than meaning ("it was a mere xxx, but it came from his soul")
depreciate To xxx is to assign a lower than customary value to someone or something: "Some musicologists depreciate Liszt's compositions."
desolate unpopulated. "xxx patch of earth"
abase lower; degrade; humiliate
abash embarrass
abate to lessen, to subside
abdication giving up control authority
abet help/encourage somebody (in doing wrong)
abeyance suspended action
abidance the state of abiding; abode; continuance; compliance (with)
abject hopeless, most unfortunate or miserable
abjure promise or swear to give up
abraded rubbed off worn away by friction
abrogate repeal or annul by authority
absonous inharmonious, incongruous, discordant
abstruse difficult to comprehend, obscure, esoteric, recondite
abut border on
acarpous worn out, effete, no longer fertile
accolade praise, approval, encomium
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