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Library Catalogue Word Scramble


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Library Catalogue

About the Library catalogue and how it can be used

What is a library catalogue? It is a reference tool as well as a record of all the resources held by a library. Its chief purpose is to help you find books and other items held. It can be searched from a variety of access points.
What is an access point? A way into a catalogue record, such as AUTHOR's name, TITLE, SUBJECT, or KEYWORD.
What does the Kaitao Library catalogue contain? The Kaitao Library catalogue contains records of the holdings of all our library books and teacher resource books.
What happens when you use a catalogue terminal or PC to search for an item? You interact with the Library's central DATABASE which is constantly being updated.
What does the library catalogue provide? It provides all the information you need for identifying an item and finding it on the shelf.
What can you quickly find out by using the library catalogue? • whether a particular book is held • whether books or other items on a particular topic are held • where to look for them • whether a particular item held by the library is available or on loan
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