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2PeterGreek Word Scramble


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2 Peter Greek for Bible Bee

gnosis to see, know, be aware, general knowledge
epignosis knowledge of God, spiritual knowledge
aletheia true, truly, truth
epaggelia assent or pledge, esp. a divine assurance of good-message, promise
pseudoprophetes pretend foreteller, religious impostor, false teacher
pseudodidaskalos -propogator of erroneous Christian doctrine, false teacher
plastos artificial, fictitious, feigned, pseudo
hupomnesis recollection, reminding, remembrance
prophetikos pertaining to a “foreteller,” of prophecy, of the prophets
propheteia prophecy, prediction
spoudazo to make effort, be prompt or earnest, to be diligent or give diligence, endeavor, labor, study
apoleia ruin or loss, damnation, destruction, perish
apollumi to destroy fully, perish or lose, mar, die
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