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S. A. 7.3 Word Scramble


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S. A. 7.3

Section Assessment for 7.3

How are highly folded membranes an advantage for the functions of cellular parts? high surface are to fit in a small space more happens in a cell
Name an organelle with highly folded membranes mitochondria, golgi, ER
If a cell makes a lot of proteins, which organelles might there be a lot of? ribosomes
A cell's digestive enzumes are enclosed in a membrane-bound organelle. How can these molecules function in the cell? break down food, waste, old cell parts
Compare and contrast the functions of a cell wall to the functions of a plasma membrane. Cell wall: support, protect, not selectively permeab. only in plants memb: selectively permeab., double layer, holds in liquids BOTH hold everything in a cell
Compare the number of vacuoles in plant cells and animal cells. Small and many (if any) in an animal One and large, if in a plant cell
Compare mitochondria and chloroplasts. Mitochondria use glucose and chloroplasts use photosynthesis and chlorophyll combined with sunlight/light energy
Why are mitochondria and chloroplasts called energy transformers? They change either glucose energy of sunlight energy into something the cell can use.
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