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gen chem Word Scramble


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gen chem

gas phase

1atm= __mmHg= ____ torr 760, 760
stp= 273K at 1atm; 22.4L for 1 mol
standard condition 298K or 25celcius at 1 atm
gas deviate at __ pressure and __ temps high; low
Boyles law constant temp P inver proportional to Volume
eqn for Boyle law PV=K or PV=PV
charles law constant pressure V prop to temp
eqn for charles law V/T=k or V/T=V/T
Avogadros principle constant temp and pressure n prop to V
eqn for avogadros principle n/V=k or n/V=n/V
Ideal gas law PV=nRT
to solve for density using gas laws PV/T=PV/T; V1= 22.4L, P1= 1atm, T=273.15
solve molar mass of unknown gas density at stp then x 22.4 L
real gases deviate from ideal gases at high pa and low temps
effect of high pa on gas condenses to liquid; the gas will occupy a larger than predicted vol
effect of low temps on gas it has a smaller than expected col
daltons law tot pressure = the sum of the partial pressure of each gas
solving an individ partial pressure P=Pt * X (X= mol/totmole)
eqn for diffusion / effusion of gases r1/r2= (MM2/MM1)^1/2 (molar mass heavier gas diffuse slower
at high altitudes/ low pressure the boiling point increases
increase volume we favor least moles
real gases behave ideal at high temp and low pressire
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