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Ch 2 (Sec 2.3) Word Scramble


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Ch 2 (Sec 2.3)

Miller and Levine Biology

molecule p.37 - smallest units of most compounds; made of atoms bonded together.
monomer p.46 - small individual molecules that join to form polymers
polymer p.46 - larger molecules made of smaller molecules (monomers) linked together
carbohydrate p.46 - compounds made of H, C and O; Commonly known as sugars and starches;
monosaccharide p.46 - a single, simple sugar molecule; ex. glucose
lipid p.47 - compound made of H, C, O; commonly found in fats and oils;
nucleic acid p.48 - compound made of H, C, O, N and P. Polymers made from monomers called nucleotides; ex. DNA and RNA
nucleotide p.48 - monomers of nucleic acids. 3 parts - 5 carbon sugar, phosphate group and a nitrogen base;
protein (polypeptide) p.48 - polymers of molecules called amino acids; Commonly found in meat and beans. ex. keratin
amino acid p.48 - monomers of proteins; connected by peptide bonds to form a protein (polypeptide); ex.tryptophan
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