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DAT ch 4 Word Scramble


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DAT ch 4

bio- embryology from coursesaver notes

Cleavage results in progressively smaller cells (inc ratio of nuclear-to-cytoplasm & surface-to-volume ratio of each cell which improves gas exchange)
As cell division continues solid ball of cells called ____forms morula
Blastulation occurs when morula develops cavity called blastocoel
Blastula becomes this by the 4th day - hollow sphere of cells
6th day blastocyst (AKA blastula) begins implantation into the uteral endometrium
little increase in size occurs during gastrulation
Gastrulation single cell layer of blastula transforms into three-layered gastrula
Ectoderm Nervous system, integument (epidermis & hair / epithelium of nose, mouth, anal canal), lens of eye, retina, teeth, neural tube
Mesoderm musculoskeletal, circulatory system, excretory system, gonads, connective tissue, portions of digestive & respiratory, notochord
Endoderm epithelial lining of digestive & respiratory, parts of liver, pancreas, thyroid, and bladder lining
induction process in an embryo in which one tissue causes another to differentiate
Eggs - Embryonic Membrane Chorion (moist membrane =>** gas exchange)
Allantois (sac-like involved in respiration and excretion/ blood vessels for transport)
Amnion (amniotic fluid) - cushions and supports
chorionic gonadotropin hormone secreted by the chorion (when it becomes part of the placenta) and helps maintain the Corpus Luteum (which secretes progesterone to maintain uterine lining)
Placental Internal Development growing fetus receives oxygen directly from mother through specialized circulatory system (supplies O2 + nutrients / removes CO2 and wastes)
Placenta and umbilical cord outgrowths of the four extra-embryonic membranes – amnion, chorion, allantois, yolk sac
Labor cervix thins out and dilates, amniotic sac ruptures, rapid contractions followed by birth, then uterus expels umbilical cord and placenta
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