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8th Grade Botany Word Scramble


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8th Grade Botany

Lesson 1

1. Botany The study of plants.
2. Biology The study of all living things.
3. Vascular Plants with tubes that carry liquid inside.
4. Taxonomy Branch of science dealing with the classification and naming of all living things.
5. Homostasis The ability to maintain conditions inside our bodies.
6. Heterotroph A plant that is unable to produce food on its own.
7. Cytoplasm The region of the cell that is made of a gel-like material.
8. Fossils Ethanol is derived from this.
9. Food and water Organisms require this for growth and energy.
10. Cell membrane The semi-permiable outside layer surrounding the contents of a cell.
11. Nucleus The dense area of the cell that contains the chemical instructions that direct the cell's activities.
12. The purpose of the flower To produce seeds.
13. Gasoline Fossil fuel
14. Vascular Plant Uses tubes to get its water.
15. Latin Language that scientists prefer to use.
16. Autotroph Plant that can produce its own food.
17. Ethanol Biomass fuel
18. 3rd day Day of creation plants were made.
19. Non-vascular Plant Uses absorption to get its water.
20. Angiosperm A flower producing plant.
21. Veins Tubes in a plant that transport water, chemicals, and sugar.
22. Biomass Fuel A renewable fuel made from the products of living organisms.
23. Fossil Fuel Made from non-renewable fossils of plants and animals that lived long ago.
24. Chloroplast A plant structure in which photosynthesis occures.
25. Cell Wall The firm non-living layer that encloses and supports the cells of most plants.
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