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WIW Lesson 9 Word Scramble


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WIW Lesson 9

The Word Within the Word Lesson 9

Word StemMeaningExample
path feeling sympathy
a not amoral, apathy
nomy law economy
fid faith confidence
caco bad cacophony
hetero different heterogeneous
sci know conscience
graph write bibliography
lat side bilateral
lith rock lithograph
tract pull tractor
in in or not insane
co together coordinate
phile love bibliophile
ine nature of saturnine
-ar relating to lunar, solar
hexa six hexagon
fract break fracture
platy flat platypus
theo god theology
fin end final
hedron sided object polyhedron
ambul walk ambulatory, somnambulism
ous full of loquacious
topo place topographical, topic
Created by: hhusband on 2006-12-15

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