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cla20 Word Scramble


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行李 xíngli luggage
托运 tuōyùn to check(luggage)
bāo (M) a package, packet
箱子 xiāngzi box, suitcase
超重 chāozhòng to be overweight (of luggage, freight, etc.)
chāo to exceed, surpass, super, extra
登机牌 dēngjīpái boarding pass
pái plate;tablet; card, sign, brand
登机口 dēngjīkǒu boarding gate
kǒu mouth
kū to cry; to weep
照顾 zhàogu to look after
起飞 qǐfēi to take off
小心 xiǎoxīn to be careful
一路平安 yílùpíngān have a good trip;bon voyage
叔叔 shūshu uncle
阿姨 āyí aunt; term of address for any woman of one's mother's generation
欢迎 huānyíng to welcome
shòu thin, slim(usually of a person or animal);lean
爷爷 yéye paternal grandfather
奶奶 nainai paternal grandmother
烤鸭 kǎoyā roast duck
首都机场 shǒudūjīchǎng the Capital Airport(in Beijing)
海关 hǎiguān customhouse; customs
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