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World Geography Word Scramble


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World Geography

"The World"

Vocabulary WordDefinition
location a specific place on the earth
absolute location the exact spot at which a place is found on the globe
hemisphere half of a sphere or globe
grid system a pattern formed by lines of latitude and longitude crossing one another
relative location the location of a place in relation to another place
place a particular space with physical and human meaning
region area united by specific characteristics
formal region region defined by a common characteristic, such as a product produced there
functional region a central place and the surrounding area linked to it, for example, by a highway system
perceptual region region defined by popular feelings and images rather than by objective data
ecosystem community of plants and animals that depend on one another for survival
movement the flow of people, goods, and ideas from one place to another
human-environment interation relationship between people and their physical environment
Created by: Miss EGH on 2006-08-11

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