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mod c methods Word Scramble


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mod c methods

collection methods

name the 3 methods for collecting blood evacuated tube, syringe and butterfly
single draw and multidraw two kinds of evacuated tube methods.
what method would you use if you required more than one test to be run from a patient evacuated tube multidraw
the most common method used in venipuncture evacuated tube
lavender tube contains sodium or EDTA, prevents clotting. most common tests: CBC, hematology
light blue coagulation studies, contains sodium citrate. prevents coagulation. **must fill completely ratio 9:1
black contains sodium citrate, ratio is 4:1. common test Westergren sedimentation rate
gray contains anticoagulant and cell preservative. common for glucose testing, alcohol levels
green contain -sodium heparin or ammonium heparin, lithium heparin. tests that require blood plasma
dark blue chemically cleaned. anticoagulant free or contain the anticoagulant sodium heparin or disodium EDTA. toxicology studies, trace metal assays, nutritional analysis
brown contain heparin and are chemically free and certified to contain less than 0.1ug/mL lead.
yellow sterile, contains sodium polyanetholesufonate (SPS). used for microbiology studies. bacteria
red plain tube. no anticoagulant or additives. used for serology tests, serum chem, blood bank
serum separator tubes have what in them a gel-like substance that forms a barrier between the cells and serum on centrifugation
serum separator tube colors red, gray or gold
this method is used to establish intravenous lines or to draw blood from small veins butterfly method
this method is used in geriatric patients, or patients with small or weak veins taht might collapse under the pressure syringe method
equipment that may be found in a collection cart/tray disposable gloves, needles, sharps container, tourniquet, antiseptic, guaze, needleholder, evacuation tubes
the higher the gauge number of a needle..... the smaller the diameter
what diameter needle should be used on children 21-23
what diameter needle should be used for adults 20-22 & 1-1.5" long
what diameter need should be used for a unit of blood for transfusion 17
where should the tourniquet be placed 3-4" above antecubital fossa
why do we swab the area with an antiseptic before venipuncture reduce the risk of skin bacteria causing infection at the site of puncture and help prevent contamination of the sample
what do you use sterile gauze for pressure after venipuncture and/or under a bandage
do needle holders need to be changed between patients no, unless they have been contaminated
what are the sizes of an evacuation tube 2-15ml
name the 5 most common evac tubes used lavender (EDTA), light blue (sodium citrate), gold (SST), green (Lithium Heparin), red (no additive)
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