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R and J Act IV and V Word Scramble


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R and J Act IV and V

Romeo and Juliet Act IV and V Quiz - LP

Who does Paris go to to arrange his marriage to Juliet? Friar Lawrence
Juliet tells Friar Lawrence she would rather _______ than marry Paris. Die
What will happen to Juliet when she takes the herb from Friar Lawrence? She will be in a coma?
Who is the first to find Juliet in the coma state? The nurse
What reason does Juliet give her mother for wanting to be alone? To pray
What does Juliet take to bed with her in case the vial of liquid does not work? A dagger
Who tells Romeo that Juliet is dead? Balthasar
Who does Paris see at Juliet's comb? Romeo
Who does Romeo kill in the tomb? Paris
What does Juliet use to kill herself? A dagger
Who does the Prince blame for Romeo and Juliet's death? The Capulet's and Montagues
Who sells Romeo the poison? An apothecary
Which character was quarantined in a house due to a plague? Friar John
Who does Friar Lawrence suggest Juliet live with in the future? Nuns
Created by: MrsHall on 2006-03-06

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