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Cuentame Mas Cap 4 Word Scramble


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Cuentame Mas Cap 4

Cuentame Mas Capitulo 4

the nightmare la pesadilla
the bedroom el dormitorio
the bed la cama
the morning/tomorrow la mañana
the scissors las tijeras
the dog (masc.) el perro
the feather la pluma
the moon la luna
he/she puts pone (from poner)
he/she/it grows crece (from crecer)
he/she cuts corta (from cortar)
he/she looks at, watches mira (from mirar)
he/she wakes up se despierta (from despertar)
he/she opens abre (from abrir)
he/she flies vuela (from volar)
he/she/it barks ladra (from ladrar)
(he/she) can't leave no puede salir
(he/she) feels bad se siente mal
(he/she) is bald (es) calvo
strange raro
white blanco/a
(he/she) is pretty (es) bonita/o
What a surprise! ¡Qué sorpresa!
How fun! ¡Qué divertido!
between, among entre
all/the whole todo/toda
the body el cuerpo
the mouth la boca
the arm el brazo
the palm la palma
the tongue;language la lengua
the toes los dedos del pie
the hair el pelo
the leg la pierna
the hand la mano
the head la cabeza
the hair (on head) el cabello
straight, plain (hair) liso
curly rizado
long largo
short corto
blond rubio
brunette moreno
black negro
Created by: clement on 2010-02-20

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