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Bre Homework Word Scramble


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Bre Homework

Spelling and Vocabulary Grade Three

large, rounded rocks boulders
a deep valley with steep walls on both sides, formed by running water canyon
a large pot used for boiling cauldron
flat spaces like shelves on the sides of cliffs or rock walls ledges
a group of small waterfalls in a river rapids
observed or explored carefully for information scouted
very steep sheer
There was ___ in the air from the forest fire. smoke
The bear wasn't just big, it was ___. huge
You have to ___ money if you want to buy a car. save
It is so important, it's a matter of ___ or death. life
The Mississippi is a very long and ___ river. wide
Will you ___ to my party? come
Is this yours, or ___? mine
Was your ___ on the test an A or a B? grade
A ___ on your face shows how happy you are. smile
She wrote a short ___ to her teacher. note
A ___ is a three-dimensional object with 6 equal sides. cube
I __ you, mom! love
When you are trapped, you cannot ___. escape
The ___ of the hill was very steep. slope
Created by: jnosik on 2009-09-15

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