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Latin Prefixes Word Scramble


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Latin Prefixes

for final

ab from; away from
ad to, motion toward;addition to
aero air
amphi both, around
an not
ante before
anti against, opposite, reverse
ap to, nearness to
auto self
bene good
bi two
circum around
co, con together
contra against
de opposite of, away from, undo
dis opposite
ex out, beyond, away from, former
extra outside, beyond, besides
for not
fore before
hyper more than normal;too much
il not
im into
im not
in not;go into
inter among;between
intra within
ir not
mal wrong, bad
mis wrong, bad, no, not
non not;opposite of
ob against
per through
post after
pre before
pro before, for, in support of
pro forward
re back;again
retro backward
se apart
self of the self
semi half, partly
sub under, beneath
super over
sur over, above
un not
trans across, over
ultra extremely
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