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Ethical Issues Word Scramble


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Ethical Issues

Computer skills terms that deal with societal and ethical issues

The ownership of creative work. Copyright
Copying without citing the source is called what? Plagiarizing
What do you purchase in order to have the right to use software? Site License
When purchasing software, you may make one copy of the software for what purpose? Back up copy
The safe responsible use of a computer. Computer ethics
Safe passwords usually include what two things? Numbers and letters
True or False - Passwords should include things like your name, birth date, or other information common about yourself. False, passwords should not be common information that someone might know about you.
A safe practice is to always do what when you leave a computer? Close browser and log out
If you find a CD of personal information left in the classroom, what should you do with the CD? Give it to the teacher
In copyright law, the reproduction of a small portion of copyrighted material which does not require the permission of the copyright holder is called what? Fair Use
The illegal use of the computer, for example the illegal copying of software for distribution within the organization or to friends, clubs and other groups or for commercial duplication and resale. Piracy
A form of Internet fraud that aims to steal valuable information such as credit card or social security numbers, user ID's and passwords. Phishing
Short for malicious software, software designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system, such as a virus or a Trojan horse. Malware
Unwritten and written rules regarding behavior on the web, Internet etiquette. Netiquette
Permission to use software within a specific facility, such as your school. Site License
A person who secretly gains access to computer files without permission. Hacker
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