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S's Word Scramble


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GRE Vocab 4000

saccharine sugary, overly sweet
sacerdotal priestly
sacrament rite
sacred cow idol, taboo
sacrosanct sacred
saddle encumber
sadist one who takes pleasure in hurting others
sagacious wise
salient prominent
sallow sickly complected
sally sortie, attack
salutary good, wholesome
salvo volley, gunfire
sang-froid coolness under fire
sanguine cheerful
sapid interesting
sapient wise
sarcophagus stone coffin
sardonic scornful
sartorial pertaining to clothes
sate satisfy fully
saturnine gloomy
saunter stroll
savant scholar
savoir-faire tact, polish
savor enjoy
scabrous difficult
scarify criticize
scion offspring
scourge affliction
scruples misgivings
scurrilous abusive, insulting
scythe long, curved blade
sebaceous like fat
secede withdraw
sectarian denominational
sedition treason
seedy rundown, ramshackle
seemly proper, attractive
self-effacing modest
salacious licentious
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