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Hatchet Ch. 10-14 Word Scramble


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Hatchet Ch. 10-14

Phadden Hatchet Ch. 10-14 Vocabulary Stack #130394

eddied v. :swirled
dormant adj. :inactive; sleeping
gnarled adj. : full of twists and knots
banked v. : covered in a way to make a fire burn steadily
funk n. : depression
smolder v. : burn slowly
refracts v. : bends
exulted v. : felt joy
rectify v. : make up for; correct
corrosive adj. :able to weaken or wear down
impaired adj. :weakened or damage
mesh n. :loosely-woven, screen-like fabric
enclosure n. : pen or trap
Created by: kphadden on 2008-04-18

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