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PHB 110 Wk 1 Term test -- C

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

C6H12O6   glucose  
CIT   citrate; anticoagulant  
CK   creatine kinase  
Cl   chloride, chlorine  
CLIA   Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act  
CML   chronic metabloic panel/profile  
Co   cobalt  
co-   together, with  
-coccus   berry-shaped bacteria  
CO   carbon monoxide, carboxyhemoglobin  
CO2   carbon dioxide  
COHb   carboxyhemoglobin  
contra-   against  
COPD   chronic obstuctive pulmonary disease  
CNS   Central nervous system  
CPD   citrate phosphate dextrose -- anticoagulant  
CPK   creatine phosphokinase  
CPR   cardiopulmonary resuscitation  
CQI   continuous quality improvement  
cranial   near the head  
-crine   secrete  
Crit   hematocrit  
CRP   C-reactive protein  
crypt/o   hidden  
CSF   cerebrospinal fluid  
cutane/o   skin  
CV   curriculum vitae, biographical data  
CVC   central venous catheter  
CVP   central venous pressure  
cyan/o   blue  
cyst/o   fluid sac, bladder  
cyt/o   cells  


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Created by: djbroder on 2012-05-30

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