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1st Music Quiz

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Flap 3
Flap 4
Aida   Giuseppe Verdi   1871   Opera  
Carmen   George Bizet   1845   Opera  
The Marriage of Figaro   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   1784   Opera  
Appalachian Spring   Aaron Copland   1944   Ballet  
Messiah   Geroge Frideric Handel   1741   Oratorio  
The Barber of Seville   Gioacchino Rossini   1775   Opera  
London Symphonies   Franz Josef Haydn   1791   Symphony  
William Tell   Gioacchino Rossini   1804   Opera  
Don Giovanni   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   1787   Opera  
The Rite of Spring   Igor (Fyodorovich) Stravinsky   1913   Ballet  
Salome   Richard (Georg) Strauss   1905   Opera  
Boris Godunov   Modest (Petrovich) Mussorgsky   1869   Opera  
La Boh�me   Giacomo (Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria) Puccini   1896   Opera  
Madama Butterfly   Giacomo (Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria) Puccini   1904   Opera  
Rigoletto   Giuseppe Verdi   1851   Opera  
Symphonie fantastique   (Louis-)Hector Berlioz   1830   Symphony  
The Magic Flute   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   1791   Opera  
The Planets   Gustav Holst   1918   Compostion  
Fidelio   Ludwig van Beethoven   1805   Opera  
Pastoral Symphony   Ludwig van Beethoven   1808   Symphony  
The Flying Dutchman   (Wilhelm) Richard Wagner   1843   Opera  
The Four Seasons   Antonio Vivaldi   1725   Concerto  
Bolero   (Joseph) Maurice Ravel   1928   Composition  
La Traviata   Giuseppe Verdi   1853   Opera  
The Song of the Earth   Gustav Mahler   1909   Symphony  


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Created by: zbecky