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6th and 7th roots, prefixes, suffixes

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Phon   Sound  
Photo   Light  
Scop   See  
Therm   Heat  
Pop   People  
Port   Carry  
Tract   Pull, drag  
Volve   Roll  
Act   Do  
Graph   Write  
Meter   Measure  
Ped   Foot  
Aud   Hear  
Dic   Speak  
Spec   See  
Vid   See  
Pro-   Before  
Pre-   Forward  
Re-   Again, Back  
Sub-   Under  
Co-   Together  
Mal-   Bad  
Trans-   Across  
-ic   Relating to  
-ful   Full of  
-ly   Resembling, Every  
An-   Not  
For-   Not  
Il-   Not  
In-   Not  
Ir-   Not  
Un-   Not  
Im-   Not, Into  
-ant   One who  
-ent   One who  
-or   One who  
-less   Without  


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Created by: jencain on 2012-04-04

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