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Orthopedic Pathologies of the elbow

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Differential Diagnosis
Signs and Symptoms
Radial Head Fx   P outside elbow, swelling elbow jt, difficulty flex/ext elbow and pronate/sup, limited ROM, tenderness over radial head, nerve irratation posible  
Common Flexor Tendon /Common Extensor Tendon Stain   unable to bend one or more jts in fingers, P when flexing fingers, if cut; on the palm side near skin folds, mild swelling, tenderness in palmer side  
Overuse/Tendonitis   P!, tenderness, mild swelling  
Radial Nerve Injury   numbness/tingling/P! back arm/forearm/hand, mm weakness in ext elbow/wrist/fingers, atrophy  
Anterior Dislocation   deformity, swelling, loss function/ROM, elbow fixed ext, cubital fossa full with condyles of humerus  
Posterior Dislocation   Deformity, swelling, loss function/ROM, fixed in flexion, profuse hemorage  
Olecranon Bursitis   P! around olecranon, swelling directly over same point, limited ROM, localized heat if infected  
MCL/LCL/Annular Ligament Sprains   swelling anterior/medial/posterior, anterior oblique band most common injured, elbow flex past 60 posterior band, decreased ROM, laxity w/ valgus, P! w/ ROM, loss function, tenderness, hemorage, ecchymosis  
Osteochondritis Dissecans   P after exercise, loss of function, chronic swelling, atrophy, crepitus, transient locking  
Olecranon Fracture   intense P, bruising @ elbow, rupture/abrasion overlying skin, deformity, tenderness/swelling over bone, numbness in fingers, P with ROM  
Epiphyseal Fracture   fracture of growth plate, Salter-Harris classification, may result in abnormal growth of bone ends, deformity, swelling, pt tenderness, guarding, bruising, crepitus, P!, locked jt  
Ulnar Nerve Contusion/Dislocation   stabbing P, loss sensation, paralysis, mm atrophy, defective reflexes, abnormal sensations 4th/5th and palmer on ulnar side, spasms/cramping 4th/5th, aching in medial elbow w/ radiating P, loss pinch strength, + tinnels, wartenberg, elbow flex test  
Median Nerve Injury   loss strength, loss ROM in 2nd/3rd fingers, paralyzed mm's, ape thumb deformity, opponens palsy, inablity flex IP jt in thumb, decreased sensation, tingling/burning, unable to grasp  
Volkman’s Ischemic Contracture (Acute Compartment Syndrome)   trauma, extreme P with ext mm's, burning/prickling sensations, necrosis ext. mm's, claw hand, loss sensory/motor function, edema, ulnar/median nerve palsy  
Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)   severe burning P lateral eblow, gradually increases, P radiates to forearm, dificulty carrying objects, P w/ wrist ext, dominant arm, difficulty pinching, weak/P grip, pt tenderness  
Little League Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis   swelling/soreness, P throwing/movement/sharp/dull/achy, pt tenderness, stiff elbow/decreased ROM, hand/wrist weakness, burning sensation medial epicondyle  
Supracondylar Fracture   P elbow, swelling, unable to move from P, decreased ROM, maybe vascular/neuro problems, shortened arm, open wound, high-energy trauma/significant fall  


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