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chem kinetic+equil

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

rxn rate for forward rxn   decrease in reactants/time = increase products/time  
aA+bB--->cC+dD rxn rate =   -1/a[A}/t= -1/b[B]/t= 1/c[C]/t= 1/d[D]/t  
rate law for forward rxn states   rate is proportional to conc of reactants  
rate law formula   rate=k [A]* [B]*  
whats the order of a rxn   x+y  
solve rate law   keep 1 trial constant then divide and solve for exponent  
minimum energy 4 reactants to form products   activation energy  
has greater energy than either reactants /products   transition energy= breaking old bonds and new bonds forming  
________ the potential energy for products is less than the reactants   exothermic (negative heat rxn)  
temperature changed Ea, true / false   false  
temp effect on Ea   increases the chances of molecules having energies higher than Ea colliding  
________ lowers the activation energy   Catalyst/ enzyme  
reversible rxn eqn raised to its stoich coefficients   =[C]^c*[D]^d/[A]^a*[B]^b products*/reactants*  
le chatelier   stress applied the system tends to change so as to relieve the stress  
increasing Pressure _____ volume and favors ______ moles   decrease; less  
if keq equilib constant is > 1   forms alot of products  
if Keq < 1   forms alot of reactants  
Keq=1   equal products and reactants  


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Created by: smuttz on 2011-10-11

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