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Atoms- Periodic table

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

A X Z   A- mass # (proton+neutron) Z= atomic number  
________ electrons are more influenced by other atoms than its nucleus   valence  
Neutral atom has   equal protons and electrons  
________ is always constant even in ions   proton number  
whats isotope   same proton # but different mass #  
maximum number of electrons in energy level n   2n^2  
how many sublevels (L) in an energy shell   0 to n-1  
max electrons in sublevel   4L+2  
4s has _____ energy than 3d   lower  
ml magnetic quantum energy   L to -L  
two electrons in the different orbital have opposite ________ spins   parellel  
two electrons in same orbitals have ______ spins   paired  
eqn to solve which subshell will be filled first   n+L (3d= 3+2 4s= 4+0)  
what are the valence electrons for IIIA to VIIIA   s and p  
transition elements have partially filled   d sublevels  
lanthanide and actinide seriess have partially filled   f sublevels  
largest atomic radii is located   at the bottom of Grp 1  
atomic radii ________ across a period   decreases  
ionization energy   amt of energy to remove an electron  
ionization energy increases   1. across a period, up a grp 2. second ionization  
electronegativity increases   across a period and up a grp  
________ aka semimetals display characteristics of both metal and non metals   metalloids  
_______ high mp+bp, can lose various electron from s+d   transition elements  
valence electrons for grp I n II   s  
figuring the secon ionization ebergy   those with + will have the highest second ionization energy to determine the highest we look at their isoelectronic form in the noble gas section the one higher up will have a higher 2nd ionization  
transition elements lose electrons in   s before the d  


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Created by: smuttz on 2011-10-05

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