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Random Unknown Korean Vocabulary

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

산업   industry  
기자   a writer; a journalist  
암살   an assassination  
사건   an event; an incident; a plot; a conspiracy  
학우   a classmate; a schoolmate  
속셈   an intention; inner thoughts  
노력   effort; hard work; labor  
성공   success; accomplishment; achievement  
금언   a wise saying; a proverb  
서투르다   to be unfamiliar; to be unpracticed, unskilled; to be awkward  
청중   an audience  
희극배우   a comic actor  
농담   a joke  
박수   hand clapping  
가난   poverty  
대접   treat; entertainment; hospitality  
감원   a layoff; a reduction of staff  
심정   one's heart; one's feelings; affection  
자랑   self-praise; vanity; pride  
해군   the navy  
영웅   a hero; a great man  
길흉   good or ill luck; fortune  
비밀   a secret; a mystery  
약어   an abbreviated word; a contraction  
실종   disappearance; missing; absense  
행방   one's whereabouts; the place (where) one has gone  


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Created by: lasienne