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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

To Calculate Dividend Yield (Current Yield for Stocks)   Annual Dividend / Current Market Price  
To calculate Current Yield (Bonds)   Annual Interest / Current Market Price  
To calculate Number of Shares Received Upon Conversion   Par Value / Conversion Price  
To calculate Parity   Bond Market Value / Number of Shares on Conversion  
To calculate Tax-Free or Municipal Equivalent Yield   Corporate Rate x (100%-Tax Bracket)  
To calculate Taxable Corporate Equivalent Yield   Municipal Rate /(100%-tax-Bracket)  
To calculate NAV per share of a Mutual Fund   Fund Net Assets / Number of Shares Outstanding  
To calculate Sales Charger Percentage   POP - NAV/POP  
To calculate Public Offering Price (POP)   NAV per share /(100%-Sales Charge Percentage)  
To calculate Public Offering Price (POP)   NAV + Sales Charge  
To calculate Average Market Price per Share   Total of Share Prices / Number of Investments  
To calculate Dollar Cost Average per Share   Total Dollars Invested / Number of Shares Purchased  
To calculate Number of Outstandig Shares   Issued Shares - Treasury Shares  
To calculate Shareholder's Equity   Assets - Liabilities  
To calculate Capital Gain or Loss   Sales Proceeds - Cost Basis  


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Created by: coderman