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Esperanto family

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

infaneto   baby; babe; infant  
naskiĝtago   birthday  
amisto   boyfriend; fellow; beau; swain; young man  
frato   brother; blood brother  
infano   child; kid; youngster; minor; shaver; nipper; small fry; tiddler; tike; tyke; fry; nestling  
filino   daughter; girl  
familio   family  
patro   father; male parent; begetter  
amiko   friend  
fraŭlino   girl; miss; missy; young lady; young woman; fille  
koramikino   girlfriend; girl; lady friend  
homo   homo; man; human being; human  
edzo   husband; hubby; married man  
knabo   male child; boy  
homo   man; adult male  
geedziĝo   marriage; wedding; marriage ceremony  
patrino   mother; female parent  
najbaro   neighbor; neighbour  
persono   person; individual; someone; somebody; mortal; soul  
fratino   sister; sis  
filo   son; boy  
nupto   wedding; wedding ceremony; nuptials; hymeneals  
edzino   wife; married woman  
virino   woman; adult female  


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Created by: garydale