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6th Grade Art Terms for Mrs. Hays

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What is Pattern?   A repeated line, shape, color, texture or form  
What is Shape?   A 2-D area that has length and width  
What is Line?   a path of a mark on a page  
What is Texture?   How something feels or looks as if it feels  
What is Color?   What your eyes see when light is reflected off an object  
What is Space?   The distance between two things  
What is Value?   The lightness or darkness of a color  
What is Form?   A 3-D object  
What are the three parts of a landscape?   Foreground, Middle Ground, Background  
What is a landscape?   An artwork that shows the outdoors  
What are the three primary MIXING colors?   Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow  
What are the three primary colors   Red, Yellow, and Blue  
What are the three secondary colors?   Green, Purple, and Orange  
What are analogous colors?   Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel  
What are the four neutral colors?   Brown, Gray, White, and Black  
What is rhythm?   Creating a feeling of motion  
What is Op Art?   A style of art during the 1960's that creates an optical illusion  
What is Surrealism?   A style of art during the 1900's that mixes realistic images with dreamlike ideas  
What is Perspective?   A technique used to create a feeling of 3-D space  
What is radial balance?   A type of balance where everything comes from a center point  
What is asymmetrical balance?   A type of balance where both sides are not the same  
What is symmetrical balance?   A type of balance where both sides are the same  
What is balance?   The way things are arranged on a page  
What is non-objective art?   A type of art that has no recognizable subject, it focuses on the elements of art  
What is printmaking?   The process of transferring an inked surface onto another surface  
What is relief printmaking?   printing on a raised surface  
What is architecture?   The planning and designing of buildings  
What is a facade?   The front or main side of a building  


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Created by: carolinehays on 2011-03-23

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