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Wang Transportation

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

飞   to fly  
机   machinery  
飞 机   airplane  
火   fire  
车   vehicle  
火 车   train  
摩 托 车   motorcycle  
出 租 车   taxi  
船   ship/boat  
坐   to sit/ride a vehicle  
开   to open/operate  
开 车   to drive a vehicle  
去   to go  
来   to come to  
骑   to ride on a horse/bike  
自 行 车   bicycles  
走   to walk/leave/go  
走 路   to walk/walking  
跑 步   to run/running  
公车   public bus  
校 车   school bus  
地   ground  
铁   iron/rail  
地铁   subway  
爸爸坐飞机去中国。   Dad goes to China by plane.  
妹妹走路去朋友家。   Little sister walks to friend's house.  
妈妈开车去上街。   Mom drives to go shopping.  


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Created by: Croton Chinese

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