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Obento Supreme Unit 3

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

いい   good  
うるさい   noisy  
おもしろい   interesting  
きびしい   strict  
たのしい   enjoyable  
つまらない   boring  
むずかしい   difficult  
やさしい   kind/easy  
わるい   bad  
きらい(な)   dislike  
きれい(な)   pretty/clean  
しずか(な)   quiet  
すき(な)   like/favourite  
すてき(な)   nice  
でんとうてき(な)   traditional  
とくい(な)   good at  
べんり(な)   convenient  
にがて(な)   bad at  
ゆうめい(な)   famous  
しょうがく   elementary school  
ちゅうがく   Junior High School  
こうこう   Senior High School  


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Created by: carolinedavid