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Accounting Bonds

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Bond   Interest bearing note  
Earnings Per Share   income earned by each share of common stock  
Bond/Trust Indenture   the underlying contract between the company issuing bonds and the bondholders  
Principal   Face value of each bond  
Term Bond   when all bonds of an issue mature at the same time  
Serial Bond   when all bonds mature over several dates  
Convertible Bond   bond that may be exchanged for other securities, such as common stock  
Callable Bond   bond that a corporation reserves the right to redeem before their maturity  
Debenture Bond   bond issued on the basis of the general credit of the corporation  
Contract/Stated/Coupon Rate   interest to be paid on the face amount of the bond  
Market/Effective Rate of Interest   rate determined from sales and purchases of other bonds  
Carrying Amount of Bonds Payable   face amount of the bonds less any unamortized discount or plus any unamortized premium  
Installment Note   debt that requires the borrower to make equal periodic payments to the lender for the term of the note  
Mortgage Note   An installment note that is secured by a pledge of the borrower’s assets  
Sinking fund   corporation issuing bond must transfer cash to a special cash fund over the life of the bond-ensures cash to pay at maturity date  
Par   value assigned to every share of stock  


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Created by: amdavis09