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bill becomes law

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

constituents   the people a congressmen/woman represent  
bill   proposed law  
interest groups   groups of people who work together for similar interests or goals  
lobbyists   people who represent interest groups  
congressional district   the area that a member of the House represents  
budget   plan for raising and spending money  
bill of attainder   is a law that convicts a person of a crime without trial  
Speaker of the House   House of Representatives chosen presiding officer  
president pro tempore   office who will preside over the Senate when the Vice President is absent  
floor leaders   the chief officers of the majority and minority parties in each house  
pocket veto   when the president keeps the bill for ten days, during which Congress ends its session, the bill will not become law  
filibuster   is the use of long speeches to prevent a vote on a bill  
cloture   agreement to end the debate on a bill  


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Created by: 1902