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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

c with a line above it   with  
AC   before meals  
PC   after meals  
AIDS   acquired immunodeficiency syndrome  
AP   anteroposterior  
bid   twice a day  
ASHD   arteriosclerotic heart disease  
AD   right ear  
AS   left ear  
AU   both ears  
BMR   basal metabolic rate  
BP   blood pressure  
Bx   biopsy  
C&S   culture and sensitivity  
CA   cancer  
CAD   coronary artery disease  
Cath   catherization, catheter  
CBC   complete blood count  
CCU   coronary care unit  
CHD   coronary heart disease  
sos   one time only if needed  
cysto   cystoscopy  
D&C   dilation and curettage  
DRE   digital rectal examination  
Dx   diagnosis  
Fx   fracture  
GB   gallbladder  
GERD   gastroesophageal reflux disease  
GYN   gynecology  
HBV   hepatitis B virus  
hs   at bedtime(hour of sleep)  
IBS   irritable bowel syndrome  
IV   intravenous  
LMP   last menstrual period  
MI   myocardial infarction (heart attack)  
OB   obstetrics  
OD   right eye  
OS   left eye  
OU   both eyes  
po   by mouth  
CHF   congestive heart failure  
Chol   cholesterol  
COPD   chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  
CPR   cardiopulmonary resuscitation  
CSF   cerebrospinal fluid  
CVA   cerebrovascular accident  
stat   immediatley  
tid   three times a day  
NG   nasogastric  
prn   as needed  
qd   everyday  
qid   four times a day  
qod   every other day  
R/O   rule out  
SOB   shortness of breath  
TPR   temperature, pulse, and respiration  
URI   upper respiratory infection  
HIV   human immunodeficiency virus  
KUB   kidney, ureter, bladder  
BSE   breast self-examination  


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Created by: Hillard