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Accounting 202 direct materials-direct labor- mfg overhead

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

fabric and materials   direct materials  
packaging materials   direct materials  
wages of factory workers   direct labor  
medical insurance of factory workers   direct labor  
building rent   manufacturing overhead  
wages of inspector/packager   direct labor  
seats installed in commercial aircraft   direct materials  
indirect materials   manufacturing overhead  
assembly line workers   direct labor  
carpenters   direct labor  
electricians   direct labor  
indirect labor   manufacturing overhead  
maintenance and repairs on production equipment   manufacturing overhead  
heat and light   manufacturing overhead  
property taxes   manufacturing overhead  
depreciation in factory   manufacturing overhead  
insurance on manufacturing facilities   manufacturing overhead  
advertising   selling cost  
shipping   selling cost  
sales travel   selling cost  
sales commissions   selling cost  
sales salaries   selling cost  
costs of finished goods warehouses   selling costs  
executive compensation   administrative costs  
general accounting   administrative costs  
secretarial   administrative costs  
public relations   administrative costs  


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