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Verbs Extracted - A exercises

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

You (pl. emphasized) denied   Ύμεις ηρνησασθε  
he denied   ηρνησατο  
the widow only took hold of   ή χηρα ήψατο μονον  
he said "Do not (s)continue to touch me   ειπεν Μη μου άπτου  
he greeted them   ησπασατο αυτους  
they began to beseech him to go away   ήρξαντο παρακαλειν αυτον απελθειν  
him, must heaven receive   αυτον δει τον ουρανον δεξασθαι  
we shall see him   οψομεθα αυτον  
And he answered...   ό δε απεκρινατο  
Preach (s) the gospel to him   Ευαγγελισαι αυτώ  
And him I reckon a friend   αυτον δε λογιζομαι φιλον  
he worked   ηργασατο  
they began to make a way   ηρξαντο όδον ποιειν  
but the first came and said   ό δε πρωτος παρεγενετο και ειπεν  
we wish to learn to pray   βουλομεθα μαθειν προσευξασθαι  
let the elder be as the deacon   ό πρεσβυτερος γενεσθω ώς ό διακονος  
the wise men came   οί σοφοι παρεγενοντο  
and that man (1 word)perished   κακεινος απωλετο  
his sons did not perish   οί υίοι αυτου ουκ απωλοντο  
you (s) began   ηρξω  
Therefore (not ουν) be wise(pl)   διο γινεσθε σοφοι  
he put on no garment   ουκ ενεδυσατο ίματιον  
he did not used to remain   ουκ εμενεν  


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Created by: Koine Greek