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Germ Layers

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

ENDODERM (6)   Lining of bladder, digestive and respiratory tracts- liver- pancreas- gall badder  
MESODERM ( 5)   Gonads- muscles- kidney- circulatory system - skeleton  
SMALL increase in H+ or CO2 in BL would cause   increase in breathing rate  
light rxns occur in the   thylakoid  
dark rxns occur in the   stroma of the chloroplast  
Carbon fixation   CO2 is incorporated into carbohydrate molecules  
Light rxns make   NAPDH ( with H+ high in side thylakoids)  
Dark rxns require how many ATP and NADPH for each CO2 molecule incorporated into carbohydrate molecules.   2 ATP and 2 NADPH  
EACH CO2 molecule that becomes incorporated into carbs uses how much ATP and NADPH?   3 ATP, and 2 NADPH ( 2 ATP, 2 NADPH from krebs & 1 ATP from making RBP )  
O2 is a byproduct of which reaction?   LIGHT RXN  
dark rxn can occur with or without light as long as   ATP, NADPH and H+ is available  
How many turns of the Calvin cycle ( dark rxn) are needed to make 1 glucose?   6  
PGAL is made   during the dark reactions from CO2 and ribulose  
photosystem 1= more complex=   P700  
which photosystem captures light causing an electron to be excited to a high energy level   P700  
strongest biological reducing agent   P700  
use ferredoxin-like iron-sulfur cluster proteins as terminal electron acceptors.   P700  
Photosystem II   P680  
in the red part of the visible spectrum   P680  
efers to any of the 2 special chlorophyll dimers   P680  
s the reaction-center chlorophyll a   P700  
strongest biological oxidizing agent known.   P680  
behave in function as a single entity   p680  
primary electron acceptor, a pheophytin molecule located within   p680  
is subsequently reduced by an electron originating from water   p680  


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Created by: zrsoori on 2010-06-08

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