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Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Pinky side bone   Ulna  
Small bones in the fingers   Phalanges  
Bones that make up the wrist   Carpals  
First finger joint   metacarpalphalangeal joint  
Calf muscle   Gastrocnemius  
Small posterior muscle that helps with dorsiflexion   Soleus  
Several ankle ligaments combined to make one   Deltoid Ligament  
Stay out of this   Popliteal Space  
AC   Acromioclavicular  
SC   Sternoclavicular  
Postion for foot when completing the Lou   Dorsiflexion  
Joint located in the posterior pelvis   Sacroiliac Joint  
Hip Socket   Acetabulum  
Tuberosity you sit on   Ischial Tuberosity  
Large tendon of the Patella   Patellar Tendon  
Long lateral tendon of the leg   Iliotibial Band Tendon  
Muscle you sit on   Gluteus Maximus  
A band running laterally across the Glutes   Piriformis  
Forming the anterior V   Inguinal Ligament  


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Created by: mpringle on 2010-03-08

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