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Battle of the Books Questions - A Long Way from Chicago

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What month did they spend a week with Grandma?   August  
Who went to grandma’s?   Joey Dowdel and his sister, Mary Alice  
What was the “Chicago Typewriter”?   A Thompson Submachine gun  
Where did Alice think mother and Dad would go?   Week of fishing up in Wisconsin  
What train did they go to see grandma on?   Wabash Railroad’s Blue Bird  
Where did it leave every morning?   Dearborn Station bound for St. Louis  
Why did Mary Alice hate it?   They privy was outside and an old tomcat would jump at you as you came out.  
What was prohibition?   Selling liquor was against the law.  
Who drove a Hupmobile?   The banker, L.J. Weidenbach  
Where did people go to loaf, talk tall, and gossip?   The Coffee Pot Café  
What did Grandma put in the cauldron to keep it from sticking?   Pennies  
Who was humped over with buck teeth and cross eyed?   Effie Wilcox  
What did Grandma keep behind the woodbox?   A twelve gauge double-barreled Winchester Model 21.  
How did Shotgun get his name?   Shooting a cow  
What was the reporter wearing?   A Masonic ring with diamond chips in it.  
What was Shotgun buried in?   A green pine coffin  
What could you tell about him?   He didn’t have his teeth in and he was wearing bib overalls.  
What did grandma put at the coffin?   A pitcher of glads from her garden at either end of the pine box with an American flag stuck in each one  
Who stayed the night with Shotgun’s body?   Effie Wilcox, the reporter, grandma, Joey and Mary Alice  
Who was in the coffin, batting at the gauze over the body?   The tomcat  
What did grandma do?   Shot both barrels at the coffin and shot the lid off.  


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Created by: Janice Walsh Janice Walsh on 2010-02-08

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