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Lit techniques, sounds, narrative techniques, parts of a story

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

personification   a non-human given human qualities  
metaphor   comparing two things without using like or as  
simile   comparing two things using like or as  
alliteration   repeated initial sound or first letters within a line, phrase or sentence  
onomatopoeia   words that make it sound as if you can actually hear it  
hyperbole   exaggerating the truth  
assonance   repeating of vowel sounds  
conflict   internal conflict- a conflict between himself or herself external conflict- the chataracter vs. another character  
climax   the high point of a story  
resolution   how the problem is fixed  
setting   when and where the story is taken place  
point of view   form what perspective the story is told  
first person point of view   told form the eyes of someone in the story  
third person point of view   not involved in the story and knows everything  
narrator   the person telling the story  
mood   what the author wants you to feel  
theme   author's message or purpose of a story  
character   the "who" of the story  
irony   a contrast between what is expected and what happened  
plot   sequence of events in a literary word  
foreshadowing   clues telling what will happen  
flashback   a character who is going back in time to remember thoughts  
imagery   how something is described using the 5 senses  
allusion   reference of famous people, place, event, or work of literature  
dynamic character   character that changes during the story  
flat character   we don't know everything about them  
static character   character doesn't change  
symbolism   anything that represents something else  


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Created by: studybuddy300 on 2006-01-09

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