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medical prefixes

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

a, an   without  
ab   away from  
ad   toward  
ante   before  
anti   against  
bi   both, two  
brady   slow  
circum   around  
con   with  
contra   against  
diplo   double  
dors   back  
dys   painful, difficult  
ecto   outside  
endo   inside, within  
epi   upper, above  
ex   out from  
hemi   half  
hyper   excessive, above  
hypo   deficient, below  
inter   between  
intra   inside, within  
macro   large  
mal   bad  
micro   small  
mono   one, single  
neo   new  
ortho   straight  
pan   all  
para   beside, beyond  
peri   around  
poly   many  
post   behind, after  
pre   before  
pro   forward  
pseudo   false  
retro   backward  
semi   half  
sub   below  
super   above  
supra   above  
tachy   rapid  
trans   across  


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Created by: werd gee on 2005-09-15

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