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Acts I and II Vocabulary

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

valiant   brave  
fray   brawl, fight  
profaner   one who treats sacred things with contempt  
pernicious   vindictive and wicked  
forfeit   something a person must give up as punishment for breaking the law or rules of a game  
adversary   enemy  
portentous   threatening  
transgression   the breaking of a law  
assail   attack violently  
anguish   great mental or physical suffering  
languish   to become weak; persistent disease  
counsel   advice  
waddle   to walk with short steps that cause the body to sway from side to side  
disposition   a settlement  
esteem   high rank  
oppression   something that weighs heavily on the mind, body, or senses  
boisterous   stormy; violent  
alderman   city ruler; a member of the city government  
athwart   across  
nuptial   a wedding ceremony  
rapier   a small sword; a long, slender two-edged sword  
endure   to last  
intrusion   an uninvited or illegal entry  
convert   to change into another form or thing  
trespass   to enter another’s property or land without permission  
conjure   to appeal to earnestly  
invocation   a serious request  
perjury   the telling of a lie while swearing to tell the truth  
variable   changeable  
idolatry   extreme devotion to a person or thing  
repose   to lie at rest  
procure   to get  
rite   a religious or other formal ceremony  
prate   to chatter  
fain   gladly  
herald   a person or thing that announces important news or events to come  
wanton   unrestrained  


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Created by: shaws on 2009-04-02

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