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Consumer Behavior

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

According to _______ models, we choose products with attributes that match some aspect of our selves   Self-image congruence  
Which of the following needs from Maslow’s Hierarchy is addressed by the U.S. Army’s advertising slogan “Be all you can be”?   Self-actualization  
The minimum difference that can be detected between two stimuli is known as the _____.   J.N.D (just noticeable difference)  
According to Weber’s Law, the ____ the initial stimulus, the greater a change must be for people to notice the change   Stronger  
Which of the following occurs when a customer learns that two products are different even though the packages of both products look similar?   Stimulus discrimination  
Social critics have maintained that marketing leads people to buy products that neither want nor need. However, the failure rate of new products is reportedly as high as 80 percent. Which of the following best reconciles these two seemingly opposite views   Marketing does have an influence on consumers, but marketers simply do not know enough about people to manipulate them any way they please  
Because the brain’s capacity to process information is limited, consumers are very selective about what they pay attention to and tend to select stimuli that relate to their current needs. This type of perceptual filter is called _____.   Perceptual vigilance  
______ occurs when a stimulus is below the level of an individual’s awareness.   Subliminal perception  
Which theory listed below assumes that learning takes place as the result of responses to external events?   Behavioral learning  
The ideal self is a person’s conception of how she _____.   Would like to be  
The sensory characteristic of a product that sticks with the consumers, helping them to remember the product in a unique way, is called the _____.   Sensory signature  
What mechanism is used when a consumer learns to preform responses that product positive outcomes?   Positive reinforcement  
According to the _____ perspective, advertising is an important source of consumer information.   Economics of information  
Which of the following best defines what is implied by the symbolic self-completion theory?   Consumers who have an incomplete self-definition tend to buy products that complete their identity.  
A marketer who segments a population by age and gender is using ____ to categorize consumers.   Demographics  


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