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Japanese for Busy People Romanized-Lesson 7: Visiting Another Company [dates]

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

tsuitachi   1st  
futsuka   2nd  
mikka   3rd  
yokka   4th  
itsuka   5th  
muika   6th  
nanoka   7th  
yōka   8th  
kokonoka   9th  
tōka   10th  
jūichi-nichi   11th  
jūni-nichi   12th  
jūisan-nichi   13th  
jūyokka   14th  
jūgo-nichi   15th  
jūroku-nichi   16th  
jūshichi-nichi   17th  
jūhachi-nichi   18th  
jūku-nichi   19th  
hatsuka   20th  
nijūichi-nichi   21st  
nijūni-nichi   22nd  
nijūsan-nichi   23rd  
nijūyokka   24th  
nijūgo-nichi   25th  
nijūroku-nichi   26th  
nijūshichi-nichi   27th  
nijūhachi-nichi   28th  
nijūku-nichi   29th  
sanjū-nichi   30th  
sanjūichi-nichi   31st  


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Created by: andreamercado